Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A long process.......

Who knew that organizing my crafting mess would result into a total remodel of the laundry room.....

I guess I should have ;-) Sadly the laundry room has been the same since we moved into the house 8 years ago. It needs an update so I am going all the way. And to keep with the weirdness of this house there is, of course, oil based paint on the walls, trim and cabinets. Yeah! So for the first time ever I am priming everything before painting. You could tell there was oil in the paint because over time the oil started to seep out of the walls, leaving orange rusty looking spots all over. I really hate to paint and tonight it took forever because Nathan wanted to help. So we got on our painting clothes and dug in. Two and a half hours later the room looks much improved with just the one coat of primer. Sad I know!!! Hopefully I will be able to get the color on in the next couple of days and then get the floor in over the weekend. All this while pushing the washer and dryer around and still using them!! Come on now I have a 6 year old boy! I need the washer!!!


With one coat of primer:

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Missing in Action

I have decided to tackle the spring cleaning a little early this year and tackle all the home projects that I have made so many excuses not to do over the years. I am trying to remember to take before pictures too, so I can post my many transformations. I will see these projects through til the end too!!! I am a notorious quitter when it comes to home repairs and remodels. I get bored with the job, or something else takes me away, like my six year old. So many ideas and so little time!!! I guess I need to get back to it!!!