Thursday, May 20, 2010

Breath Deep

I guess I should not have complained about not having anything to talk about yesterday. After my last post I chased the dog around the yard screaming because she had her sights on a squirrel. Well she caught the darn thing. I got to her smacked her up side the head a little with a broom and that stunned her enough for the squirrel to get loose. She spent the next hour or so roaming the yard in search of the meal that got away and picking the fluffy tail fur out of her mouth. Fast forward to today. After dropping Nathan off at school I was chillaxing on the couch with a nice cup of coffee and my computer. I heard this crazy amount of noise coming from the kitchen. The dog was laying on the couch next to me so I had to investigate the strange noise! I got to the doorway to the kitchen and saw the noise maker.

A SQUIRREL!!!!!!!!

I think it was the tailless wonder seeking revenge on the dog! I screamed like a girl, of course, and ran down the hall to wake up my hubby. He works third shift and after the screaming incident yesterday he was less than thrilled to be drawn from his peaceful slumber the same way. I passed him the dog so we would not repeat yesterday's show and headed back towards the kitchen. I peeked around the doorway and saw that the squirrel had climbed up the curtains and was now SITTING on the curtain rod. Insert blood curtling scream here!!!!! The squirrel, at this point was just looking for a way to get away from me screaming, launched itself from the curtain rod to the middle of the kitchen table. Seriously. I was hysterical. I am generally a laid back perso, but stick a little beady eyed beast in my kitchen and I am a mess!!!!

Never again will I complain about the nothings going on in my life!!!

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